Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Friday, April 28, 2006

Save Our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

For the last 10 years Sheringham has been fighting to prevent a Tesco supermarket being built on the edge of the Town Centre. Despite North Norfolk District Councillors previously voting 20-0 to reject the applicationTesco appealed and whilst waiting for the appeal to be started the councillors collapsed under the financial might wielded by Tesco and indicated that they would finally back an application by 10 votes to 2 : scared that to oppose it would land the council with a huge financial cost. A previous quote from John Sweeney , former North Norfolk District Council Leader, stated that " they [Tesco] are too big and powerful for us. If we try and deny them they will appeal, and we cannot afford to fight a planning appeal and lose. If they got costs it would bankrupt us."
This is not the end. Sheringham Chamber of Trade and Scamrod (Sheringham Campaign against Major Retail Overdevelopment) have vowed to continue the fight. With the support of residents from the whole of North Norfolk, many who are fed-up with big business calling the shots, it is still possible to prevent the store getting permission. When Tesco put in their next planning application we must all be ready to write, phone, email and shout that we do not want the store. In coming entries there will be suggestions of places to look for more information on how to form your appeals, the key items to raise and contacts for the Council and Councillors. In the meantime sharpen your pencils and prepare your placards, the final battle has just begun!


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