Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tesco do it again

The Tesco store in Fakenham has only been open a few weeks and now they are applying to change the Sunday delivery times. They want to reduce the start time for deliveries from 09:00 to 08:00.
Surely they must have known from experience at other stores the times required for deliveries, why did they wait until the store was built and opened before applying to get the restriction changed? Apparently the noiseof an HGV coming past your house at 08:00 on a Sunday moring is acceptable to NNDC officers. I bet they don't have to live with it.

The brochure published for the Sheringham store says "deliveries will be restricted to the hours of 06:30am to 11pm". Although the store is expected to open at 09:00 on Sundays it is unclear what they plan to do about deliveries on Sundays.
Watch out Sheringham, Tesco will say one thing to enable their store to be built then bit by bit they will change until they have got what they want.