Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ireland gets a taste of the real Tesco

A Sunday Times investigation into price rigging at Tesco in Ireland has upset the supermarket firm.
"In reality, Tesco was treating consumers as chumps. It had raised the prices of a number of items prior to introducing the cuts. When The Sunday Times revealed this last week, it came under fire from Tesco’s public-relations stormtroopers. At one point the company’s spokesman asked “what is The Sunday Times’s agenda?” That’s easily answered. The government gave the supermarkets five months’ notice that the Groceries Order was being abolished. During that time the industry took the opportunity to hit the public with a series of inflationary price increases. Tesco decided to spend tens of thousands of euros in an advertising campaign to seek credit for handing back some of those extra profits.
But guys, it’s nothing personal. We’re going to do the same thing to anybody else who pulls a similar stunt. "

Well done to the Sunday Times in Ireland for not falling for the Tesco spin.