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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tesco may be twice as powerful as previously thought

Tesco may be twice as powerful as previously thought – as the dominant retailer in 67 per cent of UK postcodes, according to a new study.The survey shows that Tesco controls the market in 81 of the 121 UK postcodes.This local share is more than double its national share at 31 per cent because of the number of stores in areas such as Truro and Swansea, according to retail consultancy CACI.
Using its predictive modelling system CACI is able to estimate the market share of all the key retailers within each Postcode Area (indicated by the prefix letter(s) of a postcode i.e.WD, AL etc), on the basis of supermarket (stores over 4,000 sq ft) locations and sizes, plus additional data such as national and regional market share, and local demographics.
Performing this exercise across the whole of the UK, CACI estimates that Tesco has now achieved market leadership in as many as 81 of all 121 Postcode Areas (67%). Furthermore it also estimates that in the 40 remaining Postcode Areas, Tesco holds the number two spot in 24. Therefore there are just 16 Postcode Areas (13%) in the country where Tesco does not hold the number one or two spot.