Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Friday, January 05, 2007

Dear Mr Norman

A reply from the Chairperson, Sheringham Chamber of Trade.

"In reply to Mr Norman's comments I am so sorry that he feels he has moved to a rip off town and that the shopkeepers should all be put out of business, but I am sure a small piece of research before he moved here would have been beneficial.
The Tesco saga has been running for nearly 10 years and the people who have been involved know it is about a lot more than just prices. Mr Norman states that pehaps Tesco is getting too large. In 2006 they held 21.6% of the grocery market and opened 2msq ft of retail space, equivalent to half of the shopping space opened in all of Britain. Does this not prove that this company will not stop until it has everybody shopping in their stores, then perhaps would be the time to look at their pricing structures.
Yes we do need a larger shopping facility than we have at present but it has been identified to be only 750sq ft not 1500 as proposed by Tesco. He also states that the Sheringham shopkeepers are arrogant and deserve to lose their businesses, this is surely from a resident who does not know the shopkeepers well and who has not considered the far bigger picture in respect of the staff who are employed by these so called 'rip off' mechants.
This saga will continue to the bitter end and I can assure Mr Norman that the anti-supermarket lobby will not disappear but will gather momentum. We know that after the land deals were made public that many pro Tesco supporters changed their position because of the way this large company has tried to bully and minipulate its way into this town.
If Sheringham is as bad as is being made out I cannot help but ask the question as to why he chose to make this town his home?
Janet Farrow.
Chairperson Sheringham Chamber of Trade and Commerce.(Representative of 100 shopkeepers and businesses.) "