Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Spoof ad highlights how Tesco destroys local shops

Friends of the Earth has today launched a new on-line advert, 'Every Little Helps'. Voiced by Alexi Sayle, the ad urges shoppers to spend a few more pounds in their local shops. The light-hearted spoof carries a serious message - there is a real threat that many small shops could disappear completely. Across the country independent shops are being squeezed out of business by big supermarkets - but people actually want more local stores. A new NOP survey shows that 80 per cent of the public want more local shops. And more people would oppose a new Tesco store than would welcome one.
The Government needs to listen to what people want and put in place rules that promote a variety of shops - not just out-of-town superstores.

Watch the ad -