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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tesco seeks smaller store at Sheringham

Tesco is looking to make its proposed supermarket at Sheringham about a quarter smaller than its previous plans. Revised ideas for the controversial scheme are being revealed at a public exhibition in the town on Friday and Saturday. The company says the latest plan, for about 1,200 sq m of sales space rather then the original 1,500, would mean it was a similar size to the store at Aylsham. And the position of the store could change, with an option to put it close to Station Road in a move to attract visitors to the rest of Sheringham's shops. Tesco has brought in award-winning architects to take a fresh look at the plans after rejection by planners and a government inspector, centred on concerns it would damage the vitality of the town centre and reservations over the bland design. Emerging new planning blueprints favour a 750 sq m store, but Tesco have always said a larger one was needed to stop people driving out of the area to do their weekly shop. The company stresses the new store would offer a “good range of food and groceries for the main food shopping trip, with a very limited selection of other goods, reflecting views on the previous plans.” Tesco spokesman Nick Gellatly said: "It's clear there are many people that would like a local Tesco. Our new architects, Wilkinson Eyre, have started from scratch to design a better store that will bring value, choice and convenience to local residents. “The official decision on our last proposal also confirmed that Sheringham needs a supermarket but that it should be smaller than our previous plans. We also know the store must be big enough to attract new visitors to town.” Members of the public can see the new plans and talk to Tesco representatives at the Oddfellows Hall on Lifeboat Plain, behind the Crown pub on the seafront, on Friday from 10am to 8pm and Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Further information is also available from