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Friday, May 19, 2006

A message from Terry Leahy

This was sent to Tesco staff from Sir Terry Leahy in response to the Competition Commissions investigation.

As you may know, supermarkets are facing the possibility of a lengthy Competition Commission investigation into the part they play in the grocery market.

I would like to stress how vital it is that we are not distracted from doing the things that we know are right for our customers.

Our plans this year are our best ever. We have launched a Customer Plan, which will allow us to improve all aspects of our shopping trip and a new Community Plan, that will recognise the important part we all play in local people’s lives.

Remember - it is what our customers think that is important. So please be warm and friendly and, if they raise any concerns, ask them to judge us on their shopping experience, not on what critics and competitors say.

I am sure you will be reassured to know that we are putting together an expert team to make our case, as we have done with previous inquiries. For everyone else, please focus on business as usual and looking after our customers.

Terry Leahy
Chief Executive

Of course they're not worried about it!!

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