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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sir Terry Leahy begins Tesco charm offensive

Following the news that Tesco (and other supermarkets) are to be investigated by the Competition Commission the bosss of Tesco, Sir Terry Leahy, announced a raft of new measures to try and improve the companies image and to be good neighbours. This included introducing biodegradable carrier bags, the use of green energy, and the introduction of a "regional counter" in stores to encourage shoppers to buy locally produced goods in season. They have also pulled out of a campaign to deregulate Sunday shopping. They said this was not in response to the OFT investigation, but their planning goes back several years. Why then was it not introduced earlier?
The problem is that they want planning rules relaxed to enable them to get planning permission for large wind turbines, and a rate reduction if they build them, and the profits they make still don't benefit the local economy.
On Newsnight last night Sir Terry Leahy gave a smarmy performance and tried to rebut accusations that they bullied planning departments and abused the power their size gives them."We don't always win, we do give up" he said of planning applications. "The decison is not ours, but we do advance our arguments". In his Community Plan Sir Terry promised they would listen to residents and even that they may not build Tesco stores if they weren't wanted. As for addressing criticism that its stores open in places it is not wanted Sir Terry said Tesco would consult local communities "proactively" from 2007. "This is not a paper exercise. It will be our opportunity to listen and do practical things about concerns," he said.
Now there's a challenge I can't refuse. I feel a letter to Sir Terry coming on.

Sir Terry Leahy
Chief Executive Officer
Tesco House
PO Box 18


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