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Friday, October 27, 2006

Join the Great Supermarket Debate

An alliance of farmers, environmentalists and public interest groups is urging local shopkeepers, farmers and consumers to have their say in the great supermarket debate. Members of the public now have just two months left to submit their views to the Competition Commission which is currently investigating the dominance of the big supermarkets in the grocery sector.
The Competition Commission has told campaigners that not enough of the affected individuals have so far provided evidence that big supermarkets squeeze farmers or make it hard for local shops to thrive. Friends of the Earth Supermarkets Campaigner Sandra Bell said: "This Inquiry into the dominance of the big supermarkets is crucial to the future of our high streets and the livelihoods of our farmers. But the Competition Commission can only act if it is given the evidence. People have just two months before commissioners make up their minds on whether there is a problem. Farmers who think supermarkets are treating them unfairly and local shopkeepers whose businesses are threatened by the big supermarkets should contact the Commission now."