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Friday, October 20, 2006

The truth behind the supermarkets

Found this interesting article about the impact of supermarkets.
How can supermarkets continually cut prices yet still declare ever-increasing multi-billion pound profits year on year? In the 1960s, supermarkets offered the UK consumer convenience and choice never seen before. But as the years have gone on they have become ever more powerful and have slowly eliminated the competition, leaving us with very little choice other than to shop there. In the process, they have caused untold damage to everything from our local high street to the rainforests. Recently, much has been made of Tesco's record £2 billion profits. 2003 sales for Asda’s parent-company Wal-Mart were $249 billion. These companies are not just interested in making money, they need to make more money every year, while their brilliant marketing machines try to brainwash us into believing they are champions of the consumer.

Read the full article to get all the details.