Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Monday, October 16, 2006

Urgent: Tesco to buy NNDC

Ina report to be presented to the Cabinet Committee tomorrow Philip Burton (Chief Executive) proposes to allow Tesco to buy out it's commitment to providing replacement housing for the apartments which would be demolished if the Tesco store was to be built. The original agreement included in its terms that 11 bungalows were built at Weston Terrace. The council know that this is going to be very difficult to achieve and are bending over backwards to assist Tesco in getting the planning permission it wants.
If Tesco want the agreement changed then it must be done in whole and not piecemeal. The council should only agree to this change if Tesco agree to remove the restriction on the council promoting other land for a supermarket.

Please write urgently to insisting that either the agreement with Tesco is renegotiated as a whole, or that this request is refused.