Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Which option is best?

At last we have a sensible proposal for a supermarket in Sheringham. It is close to the shops, provides a market place but most important replaces the lost car parking places using land on Cromer Road.
The only stumbling block is that once again the Council believe they are unable to work with any one other than Tesco. Even Tesco, on their own website say that they have no desire to control what the council does.
"The Agreement was not a secret. It does not prevent another retailer from finding a site and securing planning permission for a supermarket, nor does it prevent the Council from selling other Council owned land for retail development. Rather, the Council, in its capacity as landowner, is prevented from taking any steps which might be or become detrimental to, or increase the cost of, our attempts to secure satisfactory planning permission for a supermarket at the Cromer Road site only. "

Come on North Norfolk District Council, be fair to all parties and help come up with the best option for Sheringham.