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Monday, May 22, 2006

A couple of things

Did you see the full page advert in the papers today with Tescos new 10 point action plan to be good neighbours. It's amazing what you can influence when you have the money, from planning departments to the Competition Commission.
For example, point 2 " we want to double the amount of cans, cartons, paper and bottles that you bring in for recycling." Why don't they just reduce the amount of packaging they use, it would have the same effect!
Point 4. "our nutritional food labels will be on every eligible own-label pack by spring next year." But these are not the ones agreed by the Food Agency as Tesco don't want to frighten you in to not buying food that is bad for you, so they have come up with their own confusing system.
Point 8. "We'd also like to talk to you more when we plan our stores." Note, talk to you, not listen to you, there is a difference.

While some of their points might be positive, in reality they are things they should and would be doing anyway just re-packaged to impress gullible shoppers and politicians.

OK rant over!


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