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Friday, May 26, 2006

A website as well!!

I feel this blog is useful but a bit unwieldy so I have created a new website to collect some of this information together in a (hopefully) neater format.

Let me know what you think of the website, I will keep adding to this blog as I get any news though.


  • i like the website and the blog. i especially like the campaign and think you are doing a marvellous job. on the websites vs blogs note - and it is an interesting 'of the minute' issue - i definitely believe there is a place for both mediums but that it won't be long (a couple of years maybe?) before traditional websites become extinct. a blog is much more interactive and enables people to do what i am doing - connect and pontificate in cyberspace. a website is more for stating the facts and although, i think it is a bit less daunting for non-bloggers to navigate a website, in my humble opinion, these days static website content HAS to be complimented by regularly updated blog posts - from a marketing perspective but also from a relevance perspective. (nb. I wouldn't have found you if it weren't for you blog!) I thoroughly applaud what sheringham is doing saying 'no' to tesco and wish you success in your campaign

    By Anonymous Lucy Hutchings, at 10:18 pm  

  • Tesco needs to be stopped. Worthing is in the process of having it's 5th store built!

    Much as though I applaud the way Tesco has gone about building such a formidable empire, nothing seems to stand in their way.

    I wish you all the best with your campaign.

    By Blogger Mr Worthing, at 3:19 pm  

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