Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Monday, October 16, 2006

Radio station backs traders in Tesco war

ROYSTON radio station Roysia FM has started an all-out war with Tesco in a bid to support traders in the town. Andrew Fowler, who runs the radio station, has been handing out anti-Tesco leaflets and has pledged that Roysia FM will not take advertising from the supermarket giant. He said: “In this area where there is a big Tesco, people are not coming into town any more and car parking prices have risen, which just spells trouble. Royston was once a thriving town, but it has gone downhill. In the US, small towns have been devastated by Walmart and this is the effect Tesco is having in the UK.”
Liberal democrat councillor Rob Inwood backed the campaign and said that Royston residents should show their support for the High Street during the Christmas period. He fears that Tesco is taking advantage of its strong position by putting up its ‘Extra’ sign without planning permission, for which it has applied retrospectively. He also said “They have not yet put in the pedestrian crossing which they were required to as part of an S106 order [planning gain agreement] when planning permission for the extension was granted,” he said.