Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sheringham supermarket war latest

The two competing sides in Sheringham's continuing supermarket war have both lodged formal objections to the planning application put forward by their rival. The long running attempt by Tesco to build a store in town and the newer, rival Greenhouse 'ecostore' plan will both come before North Norfolk District Council's west area development committee on December 17. Among the raft of supporting and objecting statements which will be considered by council officers and elected members both in the run up to and during the meeting are an objection from the Greenhouse team to the Tesco plan and another from the Tesco team to the Greenhouse plan. Each lengthy objection raises a number of points.Clive Hay Smith, the man behind the Greenhouse plan, has claimed that the Tesco plan will see affordable housing removed and not replaced and that there are highways ground to refuse the application. Tesco for their part say their plan is a “more viable, sustainable and policy compliant scheme”. But both objections go into far greater detail than this and are many pages long. Mr Hay Smith, who was the first of the two to enter an objection, said: “The Tesco objection is not unexpected and we don't think that the general public or district councillors will be fooled by Tesco's latest attempt to discredit our scheme with this kind of self-interested misinformation and spin.” And Nick Gellatly from Tesco said: “We have written to the district council explaining why the Greenhouse store would not be right for Sheringham.“We have also found irregularities in the information provided on important issues such as traffic and the store's green energy proposals.”