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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Who dunnit?

The Guardian has printed an apology for its recent article on the secret document at NNDC. It states that the "short, front-page story introducing an inside news feature on the planning process for a new Tesco store in Sheringham, Norfolk, gave the mistaken impression that the planning department of North Norfolk council had been involved in signing a secret agreement with the supermarket company (Planners sign secret deal with Tesco, page 1, April 29). In fact it was the then executive committee of the council that entered into the agreement. Neither the council's planning department nor any elected committee concerned with planning matters was involved."
As stated before, the elections were held on 1st May 2003, the document was signed on 9th May and the first council meeting was held on 14th May. Did the executive committee have the authority to sign such a document, and why has the Guardian been told while we are all waiting for the outcome of an investigation into the secret agreement?


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