Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is this what we want for Sheringham?

Two pieces of news related to Tesco caught my eye this weekend. Neither of them endeared me to the company.
The first was the news that in Fakenham, Tesco had offered to pay for new town signs if they were allowed to advertise on them. A dangerous precedent. What next? Tesco sponsor the street lights as long as they are painted red and blue, redesign the one-way system to go into their car-park, or persuade the Council not to let other supermarkets expand in the town?

The other piece of news was that Tesco had been fined £15,000 for selling a baquette containing insulation foam. OK, that happens. But it was how Tesco reacted that we should take notice of. They refused to attend interviews with Norwich City Council, they then tried to blame other suppliers. Even the judge said it was a case of "delay and prevarication". Is this the kind of company we want in Sheringham?


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