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Monday, June 05, 2006

A sense of place

Finally tracked down the Ecologist article on Sheringham and its battle with Tesco. The report is interesting but it was written before the Council backed down at Appeal so assumes that Sheringham has won. Let's hope it is prophetic!

A few interesting facts for you from the article -
Sheringham Town Centre has 42 different types of shop.
95 are independent/local.
Only 19 are national or global and of these 6 are banks.

"Sheringham is a picturesque little place. Its buildings are mostly brick and Norfolk flint, its roads are narrow and the town is bound at one end by the arm of the sea wall, sweeping low between the sea and the shore. And it does have a certain feel about it. For a while I’m not quite sure why. It could be the east wind coming in from the sea, or the slight smell of salt in the air, or the wide skies. It takes me a while to pin down what this feeling is, and why, but in the end I do. It is a feeling of individuality, of character, of uniqueness that is lacking in so many of our communities today. Sheringham has a sense of place"


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