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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stalham Tesco expansion plans

If you look at the plans for the Stalham Tesco they state they will create a "Gateway to Stalham". It rather looks to me that they will create a "Gateway to Tesco" with a few minor footpaths to the High Street. The addition of a further 19,000sq ft and the growth in non-food to include clothing will remove any hope the remaining shops had of competing for customers. Even Tesco admit their "objective is to attract more shoppers to an extended store" and even they can only guess that "other High Street business may benefit". Even though NNDC were told at the time of the original application that Tesco would expand until it had destroyed the town they didn't listen and now they have created their own worst nightmare. They can't oppose the application because there isn't a high street left to protect. Now they plan to do the same to Sheringham. Pathetic.

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