Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tesco still can't admit the truth.

In a report in the Sunday Times on the deal between Tesco and NNDC a Tesco spokesman said: “We work constructively and openly with planners and local authorities to develop stores that are needed and are popular with communities. The agreement with North Norfolk district council was entered into freely by both parties and did not in any way prevent competition in the town. It simply required the landowner, in this case the local authority, to support the significant investment being made by Tesco above other schemes involving other land owned by them. It in no way restricted the authority’s role in the planning process or prevented them from supporting proposals from other supermarkets on privately owned land.” Well, I don't know about you but I think it certainly did restrict the authority's role in the planning process and as for being open he must live in an alternative universe!

Don't forget there is a public meeting on Wednesday for the Council to debate the report, the more people there to show an interest the less chance they have of sliding it under the carpet. 6pm at the Cromer Offices.


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