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Sunday, July 02, 2006

New sports/community centre?

I have just received a questionnaire from SheringhamPlus asking me to give my views on what sort of facilities I would like from a Community/Sports Centre. Thats OK, I don't mind doing that. But where do they plan to provide it?
The ideal place from my point of view is where the existing Community Centre is and maybe extending into the space currently used by the Fire Station. This is close to the town centre and ideally located for public transport. The only problem is that Tesco want to use this land for a supermarket. This is another reason why the council must get to grips with this issue and produce a plan for the whole of Sheringham that excludes Tesco from the decision making. Only then can the people of Sheringham decide what they want and where. Please fill in the questionnaire but make sure you add at the bottom that you want it located close to the town centre, preferably where the existing Community Centre is!


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