Save our Sheringham - Say NO to Tesco

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sound familiar?

The town of Ossett near Wakefield faces the same future as Sheringham if Tesco has its way. Tesco wants to buy the local teams football stadium and build a large store, the local shopkeepers fear they will be put out of business. Local Lib Dem councillor Alec Metcalf said: “Given the size Tesco stores usually are, it is reasonable to consider shops may close because of the competition.” It will be interesting to see how their campaign develops and what their council chooses to do.
And in Abingdon near Oxford traders are trying to prevent Tesco getting approval for an extension to their store on the edge of town. Planning officers recommended approval, based on reports from the Environment Agency and retail consultants Nathaniel Litchfield and Partners.
The Highways department did not oppose the plan. NLP's report said a bigger Tesco would not cause significant damage to town centre trade, but some councillors are not convinced and neither is the Chamber of Commerce. It says the Tesco extension would be equal to 25 shopping units in the Bury Street precinct. "The position is: a protracted fight with Tesco, or the demise of the town centres." The leader of the Vale council Jerry Patterson said: "If, having taken professional advice from several quarters, there are no grounds for objecting, then we must approve the application." Whatever happened to common sense and local democracy?


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