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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A view from the front!

I received an email from a reader in Hunstanton, I was going to paraphrase it for you but I thought it was a shame to edit it so I have copied it below. -

"I confess I am in no position to help with this campaign, but I hope you win, and chuck Tesco's out of Sheringham.

We have few unspoiled places left in this country now, due to lots of reasons, I think best left unsaid about.

However, Tesco's can do little good in my eyes to Seaside towns.
Here at the Hunstanton Tesco's, I have noticed many prices are higher than their inland branches, and on-line. The reason being they can 'rip' off the holiday makers and tourist, who will pay whatever. Leaving us Pensioners and local residents to also have to pay the dearer prices so making life very hard for the poorer paid pensioners and limited income families. I have heard several people with the same complaint, but nothing is done about it.

I have written to Tesco's to complain about the price differences, but all they want is their crock of gold, and stoop to all depths to get it.
Pensioners are the hardest hit in all of Tesco's offers. No Pensioner or very few can afford to pay £50 or more on a shop at Tesco's to gain the 5p off a litre of petrol, so we can't gain there. You can get points for your electric bill if you are with Powergen, but if you are a pensioner and with Stay Warm for the over 60's via Powergen you don't get points. So you lose out there, and other niggly things too, so Tesco's are not Pensioner Friendly at all. As Sheringham is a sought after place for the elderly, as most seaside towns, I think maybe this should be considered in your fight against Tesco's.

I hope you win against Tesco's, and they do NOT come to ruin your town and tradespeople, cos that IS what will happen. Dewhurst have gone now in Hunstanton, and other little shops.

Tesco's are a KILLER as any other supermarket chain will be too.

Keep up the good fight.


Lots of food for thought there. Any other readers with stories to tell?


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