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Thursday, July 06, 2006

FoE support our stance

It is interesting to see that the Friends of the Earth have written to the Council to challenge them on the items revealed in the report. It appeared, argued FoE's solicitor Gita Parihar, the council had confused its duties as a landowner with its duties as a planning authority. "This report raises serious issues of legal concern with regard to the conduct of your authority," she said. A spokesman for the council said when the letter was received, the authority would look into the matter.
Funnily enough I raised this matter on this blog on 22/6 and also wrote to the Head of the Council and all the councillors making the same point before they discussed the report on 28/6. They didn't reply so I have written to Ruth Kelly, Secretary of State for Communities with responsibility for councils and planning, to clarify whether the council as Landowner and the council as Local Planning Authority are separate entities and that a contract signed as Landowner cannot influence planning decisions. I am awaiting a response.


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