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Monday, July 03, 2006

Another familiar tale.

Traders in Bridgnorth are to march to the town’s council offices next week to hand over a 4,250-name petition protesting against the proposed new Tesco store. The petition has been organised by pressure group Bridgnorth Against A Second Supermarket. The battle in Bridgnorth is an ongoing one. Tesco have signed a confidential commercial agreement with Bridgnorth District Council giving them exclusive rights to build a Tesco grocery store, a DIY store and a relief road on land which is used as a car park and outdoor market. Some of the land is owned by J Sainsbury (which has a supermarket on adjacent land) and the council will need to make compulsory purchase to make the Tesco bid a reality.
This has already been to the high court where the Tesco application was thrown out, paving the way for Sainsbury to expand and build the relief road. However they are unable to proceed because the council is tied up in knots with Tesco and cannot negotiate with any other parties. Result stalemate.
Background: Bridgnorth is a thriving market town, suporting a diverse range of individual shops, a J Sainsbury, a Somerfield, Co-op and Tesco Metro. The town has a farmers market on Friday & Saturday (in the high street) with a much larger general market on the land Tesco wish to occupy. Tesco are pressurising the council to push this through against the wishes of the local people. The study into effects of the arrival of Tesco show at least 6 small family owned individual business will fold.


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