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Monday, July 03, 2006

Consumer rebellion!

An article in the Guardian reports that the campaign by some large stores to extend Sunday shopping has failed. Tesco pulled out of the campaign at the last minute to prevent further unpopularity. The article states that "the tide may be turning against the glib notion that ever-larger supermarkets and global brands equal the good life. A reaction against the shopping monoculture spreads far wider than a few old hippies or well-off olive-oil snobs. If people say they want a good range of basic local shops, run by men and women who know their customers, no mysterious iron law stops them having it. If the friendly high street is starting to look more attractive than the traffic jam and the tiresome schlep round the supermarket aisles, then why not engineer it - why not make the change? With planning laws, regulations on hours and a whole armoury of fiscal weapons, politics can deliver us whatever kinds of high streets we want.
All they have to do is stand up to the vast supermarket groups and food chains which are so lavish with their funding for lobbyists, suitable charitable works and advertising. All they have to do is to revisit their obsessions with entirely open markets and "flexibility". Yes, there might be fewer large companies ready to fund schools and sponsor government campaigns. But most of us could live with that. It's time, in short, for a little bit of consumer populism."
A well-supported campaign may not guarantee the result we want but the politicians will have to stand up and take note. So join-in and make a difference to the future of Sheringham.


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